The Murder Spree of Fred McManus

Crimes of Long island
Crimes of Long island
The Murder Spree of Fred McManus

From March 27th until March 31st in 1953, Fred McManus travelled from his parents home in Valley Stream, NY across four states and murdered a total of five innocent people with his girlfriend, 16-year-old Diane Weggland, of Summerville, New York.

The names of the people who were murdered by McManus are:

  • William Braverman, 19
  • George Bloomberg, 56, and his wife Florence
  • Harriet Horseman, 48
  • Agnes Beaston, 43

Join Lindsay and Mark as we look back at this tragic case!

3 thoughts on “The Murder Spree of Fred McManus

  • Teresa Kick

    Agnus was my grandmother.

    • Teresa, we are so sorry that you lost your grandmother by the hands of this monster. May she rest in peace

  • Monita Engstler

    Fred Eugene McManus was released from prison and became a professor in New York.


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