The 1985 Murder of Jacqueline Martarella

Crimes of Long island
Crimes of Long island
The 1985 Murder of Jacqueline Martarella

On Sunday, March 26th 1985, nineteen-year-old Jacqueline Martarella left her friends house to walk to Burger King to start work. Sadly, she never made it to work. On April 25th, Jacqueline’s body is found naked and strangled on the 17th hole of the Woodmere Country club. Join Mark and Lindsay as we discuss this still-unsolved case.

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  • Was there a swab of dna that was taken from Jacqueline Martarella? I know there was one taken from Theresa who was murdered around the same time.There were at least 4 young girls murdered in the same manner and raped within the same time. Seems there was a serial killer on LI in the 80s and yet none of these murders were connected by the police. ????? What is going on with this? Unbelievable


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